What is Hydrogen water?

Clean water and hydrogen meet in the
Hyzen Hydrogen Water Generator!

Do you know about Hydrogen water?

It refers to pure water with a large quantity of hydrogen molecules (H2), which have notable reducing powers.
The beneficial effects of Hydrogen water are documented in more than 400 research papers published by authoritative trade journals including, Nature Medicine.

Six-fold Titanium Platinum Hydrogen Generator System

Six-fold Titanium Platinum Hydrogen Generator System is a patented technology for Hyzen’s Hydrogen Water Generator, conveniently and safely separating Oxygen(O2) and Hydrogen (H2) from water (H2O), dissipating Hydrogen to keep it dissolved among water molecules.

More than 1000 ppb
A higher ratio of dissolved Hydrogen

Hydrogen remains
dissolved for longer periods

A higher level of dissolved
Hydrogen through temperature changes