Backgeum Cheon-Soo


Patented technology with the exothermic method used Semiconductors – Carbon exothermic systems.

The reason why Solco exothermic cushions become a unique product in the world is the difference of heat-generating material. The heating agent that is mounted inside the Solco cushion is not a surface heating agent heating pads or wires are used in products such as electric cushions, earth beds, stone beds, etc. but the system The latest semiconductor SR heat generation system is only for chemical, aerospace and aerospace use electronics industry.

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If the body temperature increases by 1˚ C, immunity increases 5 fold, and it significantly improves blood circulation, menopausal disorder, dementia, and aging. Platinum Nano Cheon-Soo’ Heat Function improves immunity by maintaining a healthy body temperature. The SR heating element’s advanced technological design keeps you safe from electromagnetic waves and hazardous fires.